SYSTOPIA was founded as NEMESIS in 2006 by Johannes Müller and vocalist Michael Bartsch. Together, they released the first Song “Dawn Of Darkness” in 2009 as part of the regional “Saarland Underground Metal Sampler”. What started as a two person project, became a band with complete line-up in 2011, including vocalist Rubina Amaranth, bass player Johannes Müller, Georg Krömer and Patrick
Kapahnke on guitars, as well as drummer Jan Drumm. Shortly after, in February 2012, NEMESIS entered the stage for the first time, followed by the release of the first album “WHEN GODS ARE CALLING” in August 2012. The album was produced autonomously and mixed by Patrick Kapahnke. It includes seven songs, one of it being a ballad dedicated to a deceased friend. Until 2014, NEMESIS played gigs in numerous clubs and at small festivals. Shortly after Jan Drumm quit the band, NEMESIS recorded their first studio album “TALES FROM THE UNKNOWN” at the SU2 studios with Phil Hillen as producer. The drums on this record were played by Alex Landenburg (Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, 21 Octayne, former Axxis). During that time, drummer Mark Schwulera was found to complete the line-up again. Since that time, NEMESIS played many local gigs again and was invited to enter international stages for the first time. Currently, NEMESIS is looking for a suitable label to release and promote the finished album. In summer 2016 Johannes decided to leave the band. In September 2016 “Tales from the Unknown” was releaded. During the release Show the Band changed the Name into SYSTOPIA. The music of SYSTOPIA combines elements of classical baroque music and progressive power metal, garnished with the powerful voice of Rubina Amaranth. This special mixture makes the music catchy and melodic, although technically complex and interesting.
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